BSI: AS/EN 9100 -- AS/EN 9120

Rohre 15CDV6 Banne 1200

15CDV6 Tubes - For Highest Demands

Seamless tubes in 15CDV6 ex stock

Tennant Metall is one of the leading stockists for 15CDV6 tubes. With a comprehensive selection of stocked dimensions of 15CDV6 tubes, you will always find the right dimension for your project.

Whether collection or shipping, we confectionize the goods according to your specifications

What is 15CDV6?

15CDV6 (1.7734) is a heat-resistant CrMoV-alloyed tempering steel with high strength, which is often used for components with high loads in motorsport, industry and aviation. Among other applications, 15CDV6 (1.7734) is used for the manufacture of rocket engines, parts for electric motors, extremely light and durable aircraft components and structures, vehicle frames in motorsport or important components in the nuclear and defense industries.

Thanks to its chemical composition, 15CDV6 (1.7734) is suitable for hardening and has a tensile strength of min. 980 N/mm² when tempered, which is why the DMB (German Motorsport Association) has certified it as the standard for safety cell construction (i.e. roll cages) in professional motorsport.

15CDV6 (1.7734) is valued for its excellent mechanical properties, as well as pressure resistance and good weldability.

What dimensions do you need?

We stock a comprehensive selection of 15CDV6 tubes. Our standard dimensions are tailored to the demand from our customers. Should you need a special dimension, we will be happy to provide small quantities on request. When your projects calls for the short term delivery of special profiles, such as tubes in the shape of drops or square tubes, we are happy to help.

25CrMo4 tube dimensions

12 x 1,0 mm 18 x 1,0 mm 25 x 1,0 mm 30 x 2,0 mm 40 x 1,0 mm
12 x 1,5 mm 18 x 1,5 mm 25 x 1,5 mm 30 x 3,0 mm 40 x 1,5 mm
12 x 2,0 mm 18 x 2,0 mm 25 x 2,0 mm 32 x 1,0 mm 40 x 2,0 mm
14 x 1,0 mm 20 x 1,0 mm 25 x 2,5 mm 32 x 1,5 mm 45 x 1,5 mm
14 x 1,5 mm 20 x 1,5 mm 28 x 1,0 mm 32 x 2,0 mm 45 x 2,0 mm
14 x 2,0 mm 20 x 2,0 mm 28 x 1,5 mm 32 x 2,5 mm 45 x 2,5 mm
16 x 1,0 mm 22 x 1,0 mm 28 x 2,0 mm 35 x 1,0 mm 50 x 2,0 mm
16 x 1,5 mm 22 x 1,5 mm 30 x 1,0 mm 35 x 1,5 mm  
16 x 2,0 mm 22 x 2,0 mm 30 x 1,5 mm 35 x 2,0 mm  

Extraordinary Quality

It is very important for us not just to satisfy specification requirements, we want to deliver extraordinary quality. That why all our processes are subject to constant monitoring, control and documentation.

Product Range

Our stock and delivery range includes various high-strength grades to German and International standards. Apart from our regular stock program we offer stocking material for blanket orders as a service to our customers, to be shipped on short notice for urgent or recurring requirements.

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